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My name is Kaylee, and I am a proud mom of 2 teenage boys. When I’m not busy being chauffeur, maid, chef, or other various mom things, you can find me at the dog park with my 2 dogs, at the lake, or cuddled up with a good book. In my spare time, I also enjoy yoga, volleyball, baseball, and snowboarding. Who would have thought that by mixing all of that, you would get event planning?

Since planning my own wedding, I was hooked! I loved adding my creativity to different events such as fundraisers,  parties,  gatherings, and just good old fashion parties.

I have been in customer service industry most of my career and a wedding planner/coordinator and was an event specialist previously with Envious Events. I am excited to now join the Events & Co team!

Why pick Me as your planner? 

I am personable, well organized, and keep on task to guide you through the process of bringing your Vision to life. So many details can get missed, that is where I shine, its all in the details . My goal is to eliminate your stress. I will provide answers to all of your questions,  thoughts, and advise you through the process.  I am there for you every step. 

 I Look forward to meeting new couples and making your Special Day a memorable one !

Kaylee Rutherford 

Executive Planner 

Providing couples with custom, curated Weddings

At Events & Co Planning, we are committed to providing a seamless planning experience.
We ensure a personalized and fun approach to creating and capturing your happiest moments every step of the way!

Enjoy your special day without stress getting in the way.

Meet  Our  Events & Co  Team

My name is Ella, and I am happiest when I am outdoors, whether that is hiking, biking or skiing :)

What I love about weddings is how unique you can really make the day feel to fit the couple!  Each couple is so different and it's beautiful to see their personalities come through in their wedding!

Ella Plett 

Assistant Coordinator